Offers on You Home
Receiving an offer on your home is a great news, but the terms of the offer may not meet your expectations.  In order to help you prepare a counter offer if necessary, review our guide to negotiations.  After you have reviewed the negotiations guide, use these helpful tips to help you convert your offer into a contract.

1.  Consider responding to all offers.  You can't reach an agreement if you don't negotiate with the buyer.
2.  Determine what aspects of the buyers offer do not meet your expectations, and focus on them.
3.  Be prepared to give a little. 
4.  A seller can only negotiate 1 offer at a time.
5.  If you receive multiple offers from buyers, you will be required to notify all buyers that there are multiple offers on the table.
6.  Work with your agent to determine the best approach for you to handle the multiple offers.
7.  The offer should include a reasonable amount of earnest money.  If the buyer is not offering a reasonable amount of earnest money, it could be a sign that they are not that interested in your offer.
8.  Consider including an home warranty for the buyer.  These are reasonably priced and the buyer will expect one.
9.  Make sure you understand all of the buyers options for terminating the contract and the time frame associated with each one.
10.  If the closing date doesn't work for you, consider putting a lease back into place  to give you extra time to complete your move.

Your agent will be able to provide you specific feedback on common terms and conditions in the contract.