Moving Tips
Call the friends and family, order some pizza and beer, it's moving day.  To make your move extra smooth, here are 10 tips to help you out.

    1.  Don't schedule the movers to come on closing day, give yourself a couple of days buffer in case your closing gets pushed out.
    2.  Make sure the utilities are connected.
    3.  Get an early start.
    4.  If you're moving yourself, get help from friends.
    5.  Label boxes when you pack them.  It may take several weeks to get everything unpacked.
    6.  Have a staging area for items that won't be unpacked immediately.
    7.  Have tools handy to assemble beds and larger items.
    8.  Have plenty of boxes available and recycle them when you're done.
    9.  Know where pillows, sheets, and blankets are, you'll be tired after a long day and ready for a good nights sleep in your new home.
    10.  Don't overdo it, you have plenty of time to settle in to your new home.