Going Under Contract
Congratulations, the seller has accepted your offer, all parties have signed the offer, and all parties have been notified of the acceptance.  It's natural to do a little celebrating at this point, but there is still much work to be done.  Here is a list of steps that will occur between offer acceptance and contract closing.

    1.  Execute the contract.
    2.  Receipt the contract and earnest money with the title company.
    3.  Deliver the option fee to the seller.
    4.  Notify your lender and provide them a copy of the receipted contract.
    5.  Schedule inspections.
    6.  Attend the inspection.
    7.  Negotiate any repairs identified during the inspections with the seller.
    8.  Receive and review the title commitment.
    9.  Receive and review deed restrictions.
    10.  Order and review the survey (seller may have a survey that they can provide).
    11.  Decide if you are moving forward before the option period expires.
    12.  When the option period is up, most of the work will be with the lender.
    13.  Lender will order the appraisal.
    14.  Lender will submit the file to underwriting.
    15.  Lender will draft closing documents and send to the title company.
    16.  Final HUD will be reviewed before closing.
    17.  The lender or title company will notify you of how much money you need to bring to closing.
    18.  Schedule utilities to be turned on about a week prior to closing.
    19.  Schedule a final walk through within 24hrs of closing.
    20.  Pick up a cashier's check prior to closing.

You are now ready to close on your new home.  See our closing guide for more information.