Going Active With Your Listing
The listing agreement is signed, the home is clean and polished, and you are ready to go active with you home listing.  To get the most out of your showings, here are 10 tips to get you started.

1.  Never let a stranger into your house.  If someone knocks on the door and says they noticed the sign in the yard and asks if they can come in and take a quick look, politely ask them to call the number on the sign and set up an appointment with your agent. 
2.  If at all possible, do not be home during a showing.  It may be inconvenient, but buyers won't feel comfortable if you're home and they will rush through paying very little attention to your home.  At the very least, go out in the back yard and stay out of everyone's way.  As much as you may want to brag about your home, the buyer doesn't want to hear it.
3.  It's ok to say no to an agent that doesn't give the proper notice when making an appointment.  Politely ask them if they can do it later.
4.  Buyers will be late, and buyers will be early.  A buyer may be looking at 5 or 6 houses before yours, and depending on how things are going, they may be late or they may be early.  Try and be accommodating if it is reasonable.
5.  Do a quick tidy up before leaving the house each day.
6.  If you have pets, talk with your agent about how to handle them during showings.
7.  If you have an alarm system, it may be best to consider leaving it off while your home is being shown.  Discuss options with your agent.
8.  If you run into the buyers on the way in or out, be polite, introduce yourself, and tell them you appreciate them taking the time to see you home.  Keep it short and sweet.  Less is more.
9.  If your showing is scheduled near sunset, leave some lights on for them so that the home feels more inviting.
10.  Don't get discouraged. It's rare that the first buyer who sees your home makes an offer.  You may be at this for several months.  Make a routine and stick with it.  You never know when the right buyer will walk through your doors.

Talk with your agent about specific situations you have and how they can best be accommodated.