The Inspection
Now that you home is under contract, the buyer will most likely want to have the home inspected.  Here are some tips to help your inspection go smoothly.

1.  The seller should not be present during the inspections unless the buyer has requested that you attend the inspection.
2.  The inspection will take about 2 to 4 hours to complete.
3.  The inspector will be looking under sinks, in the water heater closet, in the AC closet, and in the attic.  Make sure these areas have clear access for the inspector.
4.  The inspector will be opening all windows and doors.  Make sure nothing is in the way preventing him from accessing these locations.
5.  Make sure your agent knows any special operating instructions that apply to the mechanical systems of your home.

This inspector then generates a report on a standardized form and provides it to the buyer.  The buyer may elect to share the information on the report with the seller.