Closing Time
It's the big day and you're all set to close.  Here are 10 closing tips that will help yours go as smoothly as possible.

    1.  After moving out, thoroughly clean the home and leave it in good condition for the buyer.
    2.  Both husband and wife need to be present at closing.  If one of you can't attend, you need a power of attorney in place prior to closing.
    3.  Bring your driver's license. 
    4.  Plan on about 1 hour for the seller's side closing.
    5.  Ask plenty of questions and don't sign something you don't understand.
    6.  Funding will take place after all parties have signed and the lender has reviewed the documents.
    7.  The title company will provide you a copy of signed documents at the end of closing.
    8.  Keys will be released when the lender funds the transaction.
    9.  Your proceeds from the sale can by wired to your account or the title company can cut you a check.
    10.  The title company will prorate the property taxes owed by the seller and deduct them at closing.

Congratulations, you've completed the sale of your home!!!